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Call Centre Setup and Management

InfoTeq specialises in configuration and establishment of call centre infrastructure using low cost hardware and open source software to reduce your operating costs to a minumum while concentrating on giving your customers a fantastic experience.

We utilise several third party supplier to supply and configure critical equipment such as phone systems, gateway servers, database servers, agent desktops, call centre layout and construction and data storage.
We can either offer you a turn key solution, or come and help reconfigure your existing systems to maximize your return on investment.
Linux Computers
InfoTeq excells in the supply and support of Linux systems of all kinds (servers, desktops and laptops).
Why would you be interested in Linux systems for you home and business computing needs, when you know Windows so well?  Simple... 
Linux is far superior in many ways including security, stability, ease of administration (yes really) and of course price and lower cost of ownership.
InfoTeq can help you specify your server infrastructure and purchase and configure it for you.  We can provide mail servers, firewall and gateway servers, proxy servers, web servers, file storage and backup servers and many others.
We can help you with virtualising your servers (windows or linux) onto better hardware, reducing cost and proving better reliability and redundancy.
We have helped accounting firms, power retailers, real estate agents, scientific and industrial clients all achieve more with less using these technologies.
IT Administration
Whether its our infrastructure, or systems you already have in place, InfoTeq can help administer your systems, either on site or remotely using secure connections.
We can monitor your site for problems and act on them before they become downtime, and put your systems back on line in the event of system failure.
We can do routine maintenance, virus removal, network installation and specification, broad band connection and configuration.
We can implement backup stratagies for you and monitor their effectiveness.
We can provide phone and remote support for your users, and training in any systems you have in place.
Business and Home Services
When was the last time you backed up your data?  Think you might have a virus infection or want to try and make your systems less likely to be taken over?
Want to implement a
  • Content Management System (CMS),
  • Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP) System,
  • Project Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System,
  •  Mail Server or Groupware System
InfoTeq can offer open source solutions to all of these needs and more.  We can advise you on ways to reduce your IT costs using open source alternatives to expensive commercial software such as
  • Open Office to replace Microsoft Office
  • Firefox to replace Internet Explorer 
  • Thunderbird to replace Outlook
  • Linux terminal servers to replace expensive desktop systems
Not only is it possible to save on licensing costs, but savings on support are also possible and can help reduce the risk of virus infections.
Speaking of viruses and spy ware, we can advise on cost effective methods for minimizing your exposure to these nasty beasts.
Software Development

Let InfoTeq help you with your software needs.

We develop software using a variety of platforms and languages
  • Borland C++ Builder
  • Firebird database
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • QT
  • Perl
  • Bash
We can also set up data acquisition and control systems, replace aging serial hardware (printers and logging systems) and instrument your equipment.
For more information, email  info@infoteq.com.au or call on 0412 174 230